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Download the 2014 Fall Catalog - CURRENT ISSUE

Use the SEARCH feature to search by keywords to find specific programs. The 2014 Fall Catalog will be mailed to all Sheboygan residents in early August.

Having trouble downloading the 2014 Fall catalog? Here is a simple pdf version. Click here.

The Community Recreation Department publishes 3 catalogs per year and are two are mailed to Sheboygan Area School District tax residents. The fall catalog is mailed in early August, the Winter/Spring catalog is mailed in early December. The Summer catalog is distributed in all Sheboygan Area School District schools and Sheboygan private schools in mid-April. Non-residents may pay $5 to have the catalog mailed for 2 years (6 catalogs). Catalogs are available for pickup at the Community Recreation office, the Mead Public Library and all Sheboygan Public Schools.

Please refer to the catalog for specific registration information. In addition, many programs require special forms which are distributed in the schools or mailed at the approximate times, or may be picked up at the Community Recreation Department Office.